Truth In Presentation

What follows are just concepts and ideas to rattle around in the brain. See that while this is occuring - you remain - as you always have been.
Present and Aware of the every changing appearance.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Do I Exist?

Buddha is purported to have said, "Events happen, deeds are done, but there is no individual doer thereof.”

Francis Crick - Nobel Prize recipient in medicine for deciphering the DNA code said, “You, your joys, sorrows, memories, ambitions, your sense of identity, free will and love are no more then behaviors of a vast assembly of nerve cells."

Any thought is just a movement of energy - it is just mental noise..

The thought that there is a you or that there is no person - is just mental noise.

The thought that self-realization has or has not occurred - is mental noise.

Anything that appears in the manifested reality - whether it appears as a thought, mind, body, other, no-one, – anything, nothing - is, in the final understanding, just appearance in a non-conceptual awareness.

What the One source is - cannot be perceived or conceived simply because there is no other to perceive the One. Yet, there is an undeniable presence that the “I” thought refers to. Find what the mind calls “I.” Be relentless until the Source is clear. Everything conceivable and perceivable is appearance - in the presence/awareness - that belongs to no one. That, I am.