Truth In Presentation

What follows are just concepts and ideas to rattle around in the brain. See that while this is occuring - you remain - as you always have been.
Present and Aware of the every changing appearance.

Friday, September 4, 2009

What is your next thought going to be?

What is your next thought going to be?

It is a simple question, but the answer is profound. The answer carries with it ramifications that will undo core beliefs about who you think you are. With just a little watching, you may discover that the answer to the question is not known until the thought arises. If this is true, what does that mean for who you think you are?

Because the next thought is not and cannot be known until it is already present, some questions may arise….

If I don’t know what the next thought is going to be, who comes up with it?

If I don’t know what the next thought is going to be, how can I know what choices are going to be made?

If I don’t know what choices are going to be made, who does?

If I don’t know what choices are going to be made, am I making them at all?

If I didn’t make the choice, where did it come from?

Have I ever made a choice about anything?

If I have never made a choice, is there any responsibility?

No Mind

In thinking about the mind, there is often a sense that the mind and brain are two different things. The thought may be that the mind is somehow an ethereal private world that is cherished or is perhaps a tormentor - while the brain is often ignored as having anything to do with the mind. As an example, a friend recently made the statement, “I’m going to sell everything I own and move into my mind - since I live there anyway.” The mind gives us a sense of place, whereas the brain just appears to be an idea in the mind.

We know of course that the brain is storing information and carrying on bodily functions. But this is really more of a belief than a true knowing because we can’t see or feel the brain carrying out its functions. There is no sensation of the brain sending a signal to blink the eye, no seeing of the brain storing or retrieving information from memory, or even translating these words. If something is touched with a finger, there is contact with that something, and it is known. But, trying to make contact with the brain seems impossible. Therefore, the idea of a mind receives the attention – contact is possible with thoughts and feelings and they become the focus. The mind appears to be active – in the head- while the brain appears to be silent. Perhaps the two different labels of brain and mind appear to mean something different, but are, in actuality, referring to the same thing. Perhaps if we got square with the facts things would appear differently.

Is there a mind separate from the brain? Is what we refer to as the mind just the thinking process of the brain? Perhaps, if we dropped the label of mind and just saw the brain for what it is, a complex network of cells that make up a limited, habitual, machine type organ, the mind would loose some of its seeming authority. An analogy has been drawn from the computer function of “garbage in garbage out”. The brain is truly no different. In regards to what we refer to as the mind, all the brain is doing is organizing information, combining information, and bringing ideas and behaviors back out. The brain is a conditioned organ. It is nothing but a machine. The conditioning that it has received was started millions of years ago and through a seeming series of events, is what it is, right now, down to the last cell, memory, and thought.

There is no mind.

Do I Exist?

Buddha is purported to have said, "Events happen, deeds are done, but there is no individual doer thereof.”

Francis Crick - Nobel Prize recipient in medicine for deciphering the DNA code said, “You, your joys, sorrows, memories, ambitions, your sense of identity, free will and love are no more then behaviors of a vast assembly of nerve cells."

Any thought is just a movement of energy - it is just mental noise..

The thought that there is a you or that there is no person - is just mental noise.

The thought that self-realization has or has not occurred - is mental noise.

Anything that appears in the manifested reality - whether it appears as a thought, mind, body, other, no-one, – anything, nothing - is, in the final understanding, just appearance in a non-conceptual awareness.

What the One source is - cannot be perceived or conceived simply because there is no other to perceive the One. Yet, there is an undeniable presence that the “I” thought refers to. Find what the mind calls “I.” Be relentless until the Source is clear. Everything conceivable and perceivable is appearance - in the presence/awareness - that belongs to no one. That, I am.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

You don’t Exist – Confused?

If the “I” is just an illusion, with no independent existence, then what can you do towards self-realization? Some “teachers” says there is nothing you can do. If you are a seeker - that is frustrating and just does not seem right. There certainly seems to be a “me” doing things. Others say, to investigate the “I.” Ask the question, “Who am I?” As always, the problem is trying to understand these seemingly conflicting pointers in the mind. What is this non-existent “I” supposed to do? Nothing? Even that is something.

These obviously appear to be two very different approaches. But, neither is intended to be the answer. They are, like everything else, just pointers. Taken literally, it is a hopeless situation. The “teachers” who would say, there is nothing you can do will pass the salt if asked. Seemingly, someone did something.

Ask someone what day it is and the mind responds. In the same way, ask someone to inquire, “Who am I?” and the mind responds. The question is whether or not “someone” responded – or - is it all apart of the natural functioning?

Certainly it seems like someone is doing the thinking, passing the salt, and asking "Who am I?", but under investigation that idea is seen to be false. The realization is that there has never been “anyone” thinking thoughts or doing things. Thoughts, like everything else, come and go according to the influences upon the brain. Just as a drop of water moves around in the river without an independent nature, so thoughts arise and subside without anyone choosing or controlling the activity.

The concept that there is nothing you can do to bring the search to an end is true. Yet, doing is happening all the time. The body is hungry and eating happens. The body is tired and sleep happens. The search itself is happening. If it is true that there is no doer, then a lot is still getting done! So, there is no one telling you to inquire, “Who am I?” There is no one to inquire, “Who am I?” Yet, the inquiry still happens. When it is seen that the “I” that believes it is doing the inquiry is just a simple thought with a complex web of concepts supporting it, then no one uncovered the false center of “me.”